SE62H  Display Module
SE62H Display Module


•  Output: 4 to 20mA

•  Supply voltage: 9-45VDC

•  Operation: HART-protocol and PDA

•  Operating temperature range: -40-85℃

•  with display: -20-70℃

•  Humidity (non-condensing): 0 to 95%RH

•  Dimension: Φ61mm

SE62H OEM board with HART-protocol is suitable for Multi-sensors. SE62H is the Intrinsic Safe version for use in Ex-applications. SE62H also can be freely programmed via two or three push-buttons. Following parameters can be adjusted: zero, span, decimal point, damping, display mode, restore data and so on. The backlight display(optional) can continuously rotate 330o. 



* Wide voltage supply range:9-45VDC

* Self stability and filter setup:Improve transmitter stability

* Freely linearity and temperature compensation:Min. 2 points, max. 11 points

* Self-learning function:Acceptability 1.5mV-4.8V signal input

* Popular sensors acceptable:E.g. Pressure, load cells magnetic float ball, strain gauge etc.

* Backup and restore data:Convenient for using on the locale

* Excellent EMC performance:Suitable for harsh conditions



The SE62H may be used for a wide variety of measure sensor:

-pressure sensors

-differential sensors (3051/1151 Metal Capacitive with preamplifier)

-load cells

-magnetic field sensors

-strain gauge 

- resistor of 2/3/4wires


Technical data

* Output: 4 to 20mA

* Supply voltage: 9-45VDC

* Operation: HART-protocol and PDA

* Operating temperature range: -40-85℃

* with display: -20-70℃

* Humidity (non-condensing): 0 to 95%RH

* Dimension: Φ61mm

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