Electromagnetic Flowmeter Application 

Agricultural Irrigation And Landscaping                                                              Pharmaceutical                                                 Biofuel

Industiral Water Measurement - Production Water Supply                             Pulp&Paper                                                        Biomass Power 

Water Treatment - Sewage Treatment                                                                   Food & Beverage                                           Renewable Energy 


Pressure Transmitter Application


Oil &Gas Industry                                  Iron& Steel                                              Refining 

Sea Drilling Platform                            LNG Supply Chain                                 Concentrated Solar Power 

Chemical                                                 Petrochemical                                        Geothermal Power    

                                                                                         Parts of  Clients From Various Industry 

Serial No.   Name
 Industry         Feedback   Serial No.      Name Industry  Feedback Serial No. Name Industry  Feedback

Waheed Elayaat

Chemcial  “I bought pressure transmitter from BCST , they are good for application"    5        

Mohamed Badr

BioFuel  " We have usedmagnetic levelgauge fromemily they are stable , now we would try other products from them . ",      9    

 Aiman A.   Khalifa

   Water &Wastewater  " we have visitedtheir website , and  test from smallorder , now , we are working for a big project "  

Farhat Chaudhary

Oil & Gas   " I like their Gas turbine flow  meter , good working "   6

Sherif Gad, M.Sc

Food&Beverage " Their sanitary type flow meter is good, there is a problem when installted, but they help us to solve "  10

  Mohamed   Anas

Cement Industry  " Oh , their delivery time is fast than other supplier , that is important for us " 

Frank Duijm

Ocean Thermal Energy Convsion " Their magnetic flow meter canwithstand corrosive sea water for long time "   7

Abdelhamid Bahnawy

Refining  "Hi ,  their pressure transmitter is stable , I like it "  11

   Andy   Boekholt

Sea Drilling  " BCST is a reliable supplier " 

Tarek Bekir

Sea Drilling Platform " Hi, we have test their magnetic flow meter , it is good ! "  8

Winston Fink

LNG Supply Chain " Well , my frend suggest  this company , and we  test their products , they are not bad "  12

   Ahmed Elminshawy

Refining  " I like their fast reply for everything "  

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